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practical information on what you need and what not staying, hiking, walking or trekking the Pyrenees

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How do I get to the Pyrenees ? Most of our treks and Pyrenees guided hikes start from our house in Miglos or not to far from there. Toulouse and Carcassonne are the nearest airports. Only for our trekking in the Canigou and Puigmal massifs flying to Perpignan is easier. For links to flights, train, taxi and car rental see below. 

What do I really need in my trekking rucksack ? Here is a list of what you really need. what isn't on the list is not really needed. Tents, sleeping mats and gas cookers are available.

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How to get to the Pyrenees mountains

Travel info for your Hiking and trekking into the Pyrenees.


The address of the house is : Le Castel , 09400 Miglos

You don't need a car if your coming for trekking, you can get easily here by train or (cheaper!) by plane. However when you're coming for holidays staying at the house you need a car: shops are in Tarascon (about 10' driving). 

  • by plane : RyanAir has cheaper flights to Carcassonne from where you can get to Tarascon sur Ariège by train (OK for hiking) or rent a car (you need a car staying at The friends of the Pyrenees house). Note: flying to Toulouse is a lot easier.
  • renting a car have a look here car rental
  • by car by drive to Toulouse. From Toulouse take the  A66 ( Toulouse , Pamiers), the N20 (Foix, Tarascon sur Ariège) and the D8 (Tarascon sur Ariège, Capoulet). One can get to Miglos from Niaux but driving along the D8 until Capoulet is easier : turn the litle road up to your left, about 1 km and there you are. Our house looks like it is on the photo below. For a detailed route description from your home to Miglos have a look here :
  • by train : several night trains from Paris to Toulouse and one of them going through to Tarascon sur Ariège. At Tarascon station ask for a taxi. For train Tabels have a look at the French railways. Once you're in Tarascon sur Ariège phone for a taxi : 05 61 05 61 83 or 05 61 05 62 89. For information on how to get from Perpignan to Saillagouse where the Canigou-Puigmal trek starts click the Canigou Trek page 
  • To get In Tarascon sur Ariège the night before hikes start you have to leave in London Stansted (RyanAir) early in the morning the day before to Carcassone. 

    At Carcassonne Airport take bus or taxi to Carcassonne main station (in French : "gare SNCF"). Trains to Toulouse leave there at  about 12.30, 12.45 and 13.00 all these leave  you plenty of time to visit Toulouse's most beautiful old city center and get a train at about 5 p.m. from Toulouse to Tarascon sur Ariège (arrival Tarascon sur Ariège at about 7 p.m.). Once you're in Tarascon sur Ariège phone for a taxi : 05 61 05 61 83 or 05 61 05 62 89 to drive you to "Le Castel à Miglos".

    Please don't arrive earlier : the housekeeper needs the week-ends for cleaning and Richard for relaxing.

    Link French railways national SNCF timetablel 

    To get to Saillagouse, meeting point for the Puigmal-Canigo trek, RyanAir flies to Perpignan see the Puigmal-Canigou page

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Hiking, walking and backpacking for seniors ? in Europe, in the Pyrenees ?

What you really need to have in your rucksack to hike the Pyrenees?

1. Basic gear hiking the Pyrenees :

  • a lightweight tent.  A 3-man tent usually sleeps 2 comfortably, should weight max. 3,5kg.  Prefer a 2-man tent  if you intend to walk alone = sleeps 1 in comfort, weight less than 3 kg, should have a double roof. Watch out walking alone: any problem could become a danger. 

  • a 70 litre rucksack.  There are good ones weighting under 2kg empty

  • a light foam-rubber or inflatable mattress + a warm and light synthetic sleeping bag (max. 2kg) (Down takes moist)

2. Minimum clothing you need trekking into the Pyrenees :

  • one pair of waterproof mountain boots and four pairs of woollen socks,

  • waterproof lightweight anorak and over trousers, 

  • a polar type fleece jacket with wind stopper  and a warm polar or woollen shirt,

  • change of underwear,

  • a warm cap (preferably covering the ears),

  • a polar or other warm pyjamas,

  • a pair of light sandals.

4. Cooking and eating tools for your hike :

  • As refills are easy to find in Spain and France choose the Camping Gaz stove (e.g. type 270).    You may have difficulty finding other makes of refills.  You'll use probably 2 to 3 small size refills per fortnight.

  • knife, fork and spoon

  • a billy (cooking pot) suitable for eating as well as for cooking 

3. Necessary Hygiene stuff Pyrenees hikers need :

  • toilet paper

  • handkerchief 

  • toothpaste and brush, soap and towel

  • first-aid kit containing: tampons, painkiller, anti-diarrhoea, anti-constipation, disinfectant, water disinfectant, aseptic gauze, plasters, very high protection sun cream ,etc 

5. Last but not least : trekking food :

  • basics : muesli and noodles and/or lentils suffice, about 1kg muesli and 1,5kg noodles or 500g lentils per fortnight. Tea and sugar. tomato sauce, some sweets etc. Save your money for a better meal or sandwich passing a mountain hut, most prepared dehydrated foods  - except prepared noodle dishes -  are poor value for money.

  • don't forget vitamins and minerals, especially B, anti-oxidants and zinc 

  • Good quality olive oil : enough for one tablespoonful a day or 70% EPA fish oil

  • a tin of powdered Isostar or similar energy-drink is very useful as they also contain salts that you will lose through sweat.

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