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Pyrenees Mountains information : all you need for a budget family holidays or hiking in the Pyrenees

Family holidays rental Pyrenees self catering accommodation in France. Family holidays in the  Pyrenees accommodation : the sustainable club alternative to Pyrenees holiday rental near Miglos a small typical Pyrenean mountain village in the most beautiful Pyrenees area in the South of France. Join in : you only pay 800€ a year membership fee. In return your family gets a real holiday home in the Pyrenees : our self catering Friends of the Pyrenees Clubhouse. Membership fee includes a 2 weeks stay. Additional stay only cost 10€ per night per person., .... . a starting place for mountain discovery and adventure for families and kids. A meeting place for family holidays in the French Ariege.

2 weeks family holidays self catering holiday accommodation (July-August, 3 weeks other months) + free access one year long. 800€‚¬ a year ! 
cheap family holidays in Europe self catering sabatical leave in France in the Ariege Pyrenees mountains a region full of nature and culture.
Walking and hiking in the Pyrenees Mountains. The Ariege area is the wildest part of the whole Pyrenees : plenty of mountain lakes and walkable peaks to walk with family and kids, a lot of marked routes and trails around the GR10 and other marked trails. Day walks, trail descriptions and other suggestions. Here still live brown bears, vultures, lynx  and visiting wolves, in mountain rivers plenty of trout, frogs and tritons and the elsewhere extinct Pyrenean desman (a kind of small water mole). Plenty of nature, footpaths, marked routes and trails from easy to difficult  to walk and hike up from one lake to the other. Lower down: walks on marked footpaths and midland trails for a days hikes to the medieval castles of Montsegur, Roquefixade or Lordat, picnicking along some mountain stream building dams with the kids. Most ideal for family holidays or for a sabbatical leave. The french Pyrenees mountains offer a lot of prehistoric caves and other places of historical interest and natural beauty ideal location for family holidays
In June the Pyrenees mountains are the most beatifull, ask our guide service for a private hike

Trekking in the Pyrenees, guided hikes through the Pyrenees  Western Europe's last wilderness? A made to measure hike can be an adventurous family holidays too. Hiking along high level trails, high up  from lake to lake off the beaten path's? Camping in the wild with your family or group of friends. A choice of 5 original guided hikes from  June to September. 2 weeks guided hikes with an English speaking guide. Cool hike and trek, hiking along  non published high level route paths and trails to Catalonia's most beautiful mountain lakes and peaks. Only real trekking with rucksack and tent and only what you really need. Up into the high mountains along high hidden and forgotten paths and sheep trails only know by those shepherds and mountaineers that know and find them because they live here.   Enjoy wildlife, landscape, flowers and encounter.

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hiking and trekking in the Spanish Pyrenees can be an adventurous family holidays and a cheaper alternative

Hiking mountain retreat ? No guru, no mysticism Pyrenees mountains trekking and meditation retreats. Holidays for body and soul. Hiking the Pyrenees mountains for meditation and fasting in beautiful and wild silent nature is precisely what you need to rediscover or learn meditation retreat, the value of silence and the benefits of fasting. Two 2-weeks hiking mountain retreats in the Spanish Pyrenees mountains. 2  meditation retreats first in June (mountain spring) and the second end of August beginning September (summer end). Mere being, contemplation, awareness and your own critical reflection of how you live.  Each year in July and August discovering the Pica d'Estat massif to rediscover your deeper self. On demand possible on other periods private for yourself or your small group.

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Pyrenees guide service? Made to measure fully tailored 1 week, 10 days, 2 weeks or longer hikes or treks . Guide service by an experienced mountain leader fluent in English, German, French and Dutch who knows eastern half of the Pyrenees as his pocket.. For individual, couples, families or existing groups (up to 12). Guide service for as well the French, Andorran or Spanish Pyrenees. Classical guiding along the long distance Pyrenees footpaths GR10, GR11 and HRP (Pyrenean high level route) or of the beaten paths, Pyrenean long distance path HRP, combining them or even more original trails and routes . From hut to hut , real trekking (rucksack and tents) or combining both. Adapted to your level, the region you prefer or on suggestion, the way you like it.

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places of outstanding natural beauty trekking the Spanish Pyrenees

Want to learn Dutch ? Learning Dutch in a 1 single week intensive immersion Dutch course? As a franchise of DialoguE one of the better language schools we offer the best Dutch courses by a specialist in Dutch language teaching to native English speakers.

Learn Dutch, improve or bring your better Dutch to perfection in 1 or 2 weeks. All levels. A a one week in Greenpark hotel in Sint Pieters Leeuw near Brussels, Belgium. As a 2 weeks hike through the Pyrenees for hikers and mountain lovers, 2 weeks with rucksack and tent. 6 lessons a day + full immersion : you only speak Dutch. More on our intensive one to one learn Dutch courses in :   GB/US        Niederländisch Sprachkurs           apprendre le Néerlandais        leer Nederlands

Learn Dutch : learning Dutch in a 5, 7 or 9 days full immersion Dutch course.

Friends of the Pyrenees is a small is beautifull members run  group. We offer self catering small group and family holiday accommodation in the french Ariege Pyrenees, guide service, information on hiking trails, hiking trips and trail descriptions, trekking and hiking tours in the Spanish pyrenees, French pyrenees and Andorra. Our most efficient  learn Dutch courses (Wall street Journal) are a way to finance our Pyrenean activities.

Friends of the Pyrenees offers a budget non profit alternative to both much too expensive commercial "trekking"tours, hiking trips, mountain accommodation and mountain retreats as well as to the difficulty of organizing  walking holidays and adventure trekking off the beaten paths far from the Pyrenees mountains from your desk at home .

If international encounter between mountain lovers is a value to you and your family, this is the right place!

friends of the Pyrenees

Amis des Pyrénées Pyrenäenfreunde

Vrienden van de Pyreneeën

Cheap family holidays self catering accommodation in France Midi Pyrenees Ariege cheap group accommodation in France.

cheap family holidays and self catering group accommodation Ariege Pyrenees: house of Friends of the Pyrenees Mountains

walking, hiking and trekking in the spanish pyrenees, french pyrenees and Andorra

hiking mountain retreat: meditation retreats and spirituality 2 weeks in the Pyrenees mountains

guide service for the french and spanish p^yrenees and Andorra : made to measure hikes and treks

friends of the Pyrenees a members run small is beautiful group of mountain lovers offer self catering and hiking in the Pyrenees

Learn Dutch courses according to Wall street journal this is the best method Hiking and trekking links to the Pyrenees mountains and other mountain regions
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Castle of Foix in the french Pyrenees mountains a lot of castles to visit in the Pyrenees mountains

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Pyrenees Mountains: all the information you need for family holidays and hiking in the Pyrenees mountains.

no guru no mysticism two weeks  hiking mountain retreat in the Pyrenees

Learn Dutch : learning to speak Dutch in 5, 7 or 9 days ? That's possible : immersion Dutch course with Richard. Or ask him to guide you hiking or trekking the Pyrenees Mountains.