Down to earth spirituality and meditation, fasting and backpacking from lake to lake.

Retreat into solitude and stillness, rediscover and enjoy natural innate meditation and equilibration process.

Only for you if spirituality is not an hobby but your way of life.     

2 weeks:

July,18-August,1 / August,1-15

4 weeks intensive : July,18 - August,16   2015

(other dates are possible as a private trekking, just ask)
2 or 4 weeks natural hiking wilderness meditation retreat in Western Europe's last wilderness:
the Pyrenees Mountains.
Rediscovering effortless natural mindfulness and innate meditation process the natural way.
Hiking mountain retreat, live review and wilderness meditation in the Pyrenees.
Deep personal growth, down to earth spirituality, conscience and healing.


Mountain Meditation Retreat in the Pyrenees

rediscovering effortless awareness

and effortless mindfulness :

natural innate stillness meditation

Nature experience and meditation retreat hiking the Spanish Pyrenees mountains :
back to wilderness and solitude
mountain retreat

rediscovering the natural innate healing of retreat into solitude and farniente

simply being, allowing it to occur
natural effortless mindfulness,
natural effortless awareness
innate meditation, life review, integration and healing processes.

piritual fasting = just the food you really need,
backpacking = the movement and physical effort you really need for good health and condition,
in your rucksack only what you really need,
superfluous fat becoming lean muscles and stamina.

That's all you need for personal growth towards more health, transformation and uprightness.
That's all you need to rediscover or explore and deepen natural inborn awareness, meditation, spirituality, self healing and more significant way of life.

The benefits of living 2 (or 4) weeks as an hermit, 
the luxury of being really out for 2 or 4 weeks, unjoinable by phone or mail.
Discovering and experiencing the beauty and the wild of  Spanish high Pyrenees Mountains. These are holidays for body and soul.

2 or 4 weeks fasting and meditation trekking mountain
retreat in the Spanish Pyrenees

Rediscovering the essence of spirituality beyond religions, schools, masters or sects. Rediscovering your natural inborn down to earth spirituality and allowing it is "enlightment".

Pyrenees Hiking Mountain Retreat
Meditation trekking for personal growth,
effortless mindfulness and spirituality
natural stilness meditation you simply allow it to occur
Meditaton trekking  in the mountains is spirituality for all, back to natural effortless mondfulness, contemplation ascetism and mystics
Mountain retrait and meditation in the spanish Pyrenees: a 2 or 4 weeks retreat in the mids of nature
Living as an ermit meditating in the mountains
mountain meditation retreat into solitude and farniente



In June, 

and September


meditation trekking

mountain retreats

are possible too.

contact Richard.


Mountain meditation and retreat: Healing transformation trough fasting, guided meditation hiking mountain retreat with spiritual fasting for personal growth health and  critical reflexion, contemplation and hiking the pyrenees mountains as a simple path to spirituality moral integrity and enlightment


HKING mountain retreat & effortless mindfulness

only for you if spirituality is not your hobby but your way of live


Reviewing all those offers about meditation technique offered by a multitude of religions, spiritual schools, masters and sects one could almost forget that meditation is an innate equilibration process.

 Meditation sets on naturally.

The only thing to do is to retreat into solitude and farniente.

You cannot make meditation happen.

There is nothing to do, no effort at all.

You simply relax and allow it to occur.


Hiking meditation retreat = natural wellness holidays for body and soul,

the luxury of being out and not joinable,

no cell phone, no laptop or notebook, no mp3,

no reading, writing or other distractions,

just simply being.


Hiking the Pyrenees mountains meditation trekking,
retreat into solitude in the wilderness accepting weather the way it comes.

Natural innate meditation sets on, natural life review.

(re) Discovering spirituality, contemplation, fasting, meditation

personal and spiritual growth in beautiful and wild silent nature.

Just being, no thing to do,

 allowing meditation to occur,

no technique, no special attitude, no guru.

Rediscover retreat and meditation the natural way:

the natural meditation techniques and effortless mindfulness

you knew as a child

while fasting for personal growth and a better health.

retreat hiking the Pyrenees mountains,

the natural border between France and Spain

 far off the beaten paths.

Meditation retreat and hiking mountain retreat is real holidays:

personal growth towards more responsibility in love an friendship leads in a most natural way to spirituality and meditation.

Hiking mountain retreat with rucksack and tent to the most lovely hidden lakes of the Spanish Pyrenees also offers an adventurous experience of Western Europe's last wilderness.

Holidays for body and Soul :

Rediscovering the value of silence and a most simple way of living

during a 2-weeks health retreat for spiritual healing and transformation.

Trekking and enjoying nature :

hiking, walking, contemplation, awareness, natural effortless mindfulness

and your own critical reflection of how you live, your justice and your love.

No guru no mysticism

but down to earth spirituality a natural meditation high up in the mountains.


Hiking mountain retreat : is a simple natural path to deeper personal growth, better health and awareness in the midst of Western Europe's last wilderness.

Pyrenees Mountains:Life review, meditation spirituality and contemplation a no guru no mysticism mountain retreat.

Rediscovering innate natural meditation

 mountain retreat hiking the Pyrenees mountains :

* back to wilderness, silence & meditation trekking
* rediscovering your inner innate almost unknown ressources: innate meditation, spirituality  and healing in the Spanish Pyrenees,

* retreat & spiritual fasting for personal growth, health, transformation and uprightness,
* rediscovering and being fascinated by your natural innate meditation, the way it implements natural spirituality, self healing,  and live evaluation,
*effortless mindful awareness : experiencing the benefits of retreating  2 or 4 weeks as an hermit

No guru no mysticism retreat and meditation trekking. It's all innate and natural.

Health and meditation hiking mountain retreats into solitude and wilderness are for those in search of a simple natural way to more integrity, body-mind integration, justice and love as a way of life. It combines hiking, fasting and natural meditation : the most simple way to deep personal and spiritual awareness and growth.
Mountain retreat offers a natural way of implementing physical fitness (hiking and fasting) and the experience of your inner ressources reawakening naturally as you retreat into silence , solitude and farniente in the midst of beautiful wild mountains.  Hiking and camping high up in the Pyrenees mountains invites you to rediscover and allow your natural innate down to earth spirituality and life review.

It's mountain holidays as well :

You discover western Europe's last wilderness, the Pyrenees mountains, on the border between France and Spain.

The trekking improves your natural inborn process of balance between contact and withdrawal, contemplation and activity. This allows more awareness, empathy and conscience.

Hiking and spiritual fasting and the high mountains environment implement awake wandering of the mind, more vivid dreams, remembring, body awareness, and much more, integrating them into a bodily felt ethic reflection on the sense of your live, of your way of live, becoming aware your basic attitude (spirit) and how it affects your happiness and the happiness and welbeing of those you live with.

No ideology is needed: hiking mountain retreat and spiritual fasting and meditation retreat implements a deeper personal growth :

a thorough personal evaluation of yourself and what you're making of your live,  it's rediscovering the integration of conscience and awareness.

Live review is the base of moral and spirual development. You can learn it during our mountain retreat in the Spanish Pyrenees mountains.

Hiking mountain retreat:

meditation trekking, contemplation, spirituality, live review.


Wilderness retreat offers a natural way to combine both physical exercise in search for more fitness and health with turning into and rediscovering these natural healing processes. You rediscover inborn natural effortless awareness and mindfulness. There is nothing to do. You just to allow it to occur.

Meditation high up in he Pyrenees mountains, retreat into wilderness and its natural beauty restores ongoing contact with your own bodily felt moral awareness (conscience).

Natural meditation retreat while hiking the Pyrenees integrates personal growth, health retreat, spiritual fasting, meditation and healing.

During retreat days (2/3 to 3/4 of the time) there's all the time you need to relax, decellerate, rediscover, experience and deepen non technical natural innate ways of spantunuous integration of body, mind  and identity. You just rebegin feeling and experiencing the process of their unity. It has always been one. Hiking mountain retreat is as well a physical as a spiritual adventure = personal growth on its deepest human level : spirituality is becoming more human. Physical, mental and spiritual health are grounded in an innate organismic search for integrity accepting the social context you live in.

The whole problem is how to integrate your own bodily felt experience and how others are experiencing you,

into a responsible social live.

This is not an intellectual problem solved by reflection.

There's an innate process of ongoing sensomotor coordination of your organism in your social environment.

The straighter way to happiness is trusting it.

Because the places we retreat to are unspoiled jewels of nature, number of participants for this meditation retreat are limited to 12 . A normally good physical condition is necessary.  

Health mountain retreat,
natural effortless awareness and mindfulness
through meditation trekking and simple ascetics

This 2 (or 4 more intensive) weeks hiking mountain retreat walks up to the most beautiful nature and secluded corners of the Spanish Pyrenees mountains

around the Pica d'Estats, discovering the benefits of farniente, deceleration, fasting for deeper awareness, mindfulness and healing.

The 'method' is more than simple : You organize to be unjoinable (no phone, no e-mail), no mp3 player, radio etc. In your rucksack only what you really need.

This combination offers a most natural fitness training. You eat less than you burn, the physical exercise strengthens your body and brings it back into better shape.

There is plenty of time to sleep, rest and dream, feel and contemplate what comes up.

Hiking mountain retreat is the most natural way of turning into meditation and deepen your spirituality.

Deep personal growth, healing and spirituality, meditation retreat in the Pyrenees mountains : 


After 2 days of meditation trekking we spread out for mountain retreat each on his or her own. Each  us camps into solitude maximum 1km apart.

Time for just naturally effortless turning into, contemplating what comes up, just being. There is no effort at all needed to rediscover natural innate mindfulness.  You simply allow it to occur. Stillness is the essence of meditation. Natural meditation only needs lazyness, stillness and solitude : stopping to hold, stopping to do, relax, just be.

 You don't need any ideology either. To really work through unfinished business you only need to allow your organism to evaluate your own behavior :

live is experience and experience is bodily felt.

Becoming aware of what you may think is the disturbing other, in fact invites you to transcend your limitations. Your habitual ways of limiting your reliability, empathy, care, responsibility, organizational skills,  ... . 

Genuine care for others, friendship, love and social commitment  lay beyond egocentric hedonism, utilitarism and most certainly religious institutions, submission to a master, school or sect.

During this meditation retreat, while camping and enjoying wild nature, you'll spend about two-thirds of the time being on your own living as an hermit.

Effortless mindfulness meditation trekking in the Pyrenees mountains: hiking and healing discovering the deeper side of your self: personal growth and spirituality

Set up your tent in some scenic spot near a beautiful lake or river overlooking to the horizon and retreat. Time for just being there, eat just the necessary minimum, relax and contemplate what comes up , what you remember, what comes into your awareness. Permit your inborn healing process to reflect in the perspective of your own conscience. Time too to rediscover your body, its needs and desires, its ability to sense live energy and turn in to it. Becoming aware of how your life style helps, improves or hampers your personal, relational and spiritual growth.

2 to 3 days later our meditation trekking hikes further to the following scenic spot and our next mountain retreat.  Hiking mountain retreat and fasting meditation retreat to the most isolated lovely wild spots of the Pyrenees mountains is a pleasurable way to go into and find back to those deeper parts of your self. You rediscover your own conscience and those natural effortless ways of meditation, awareness and mindfulness you knew as a child.  To redescover this essence of spirituality, healing and energy awareness all you need is to allow it.

Meditation contemplation spirituality: hiking mountain retreat in the Pyrenees implements body awareness and sexuality and helps you integrate them  into your spirituality.

An ascetic 2 or 4 ( = more radical) weeks hiking mountain retreat :


Meditation trekking retreat high up in the mountains is both relaxing holidays and fitness training for your body, mind and soul.

Natural health retreat into the mountains, living as an hermit is known since the beginning of mankind by those who live close to nature. 

A yearly mountain retreat is grounded in real life, your life. It's an opportunity to review your way of living from your own deepest perspective.


Spirituality here is real, down to earth through your senses in touch as well with reality as with the unknowable:

hiking mountain retreat in the wilderness, needs fitness, some outdoors skills and real autonomy.

If you don't have them yet, you should be willing to learn.

Be prepared for this and for what might confront you in fasting, meditation and experiencing nature and weather as they are and change,

as when you are alone into bare reality things come up that you might normally avoid or don't find time for in life's daily grind. 

Meditation retreat is simple : it just needs your commitment to go into solitude, nature's wildness and weather and to open up to what comes up.

Allowing your own evaluation of your live and way of living according to your best moral standards.

Allowing natural effortless inborn mindfulness,

integrating hiking, fasting, health retreat personal growth, spirituality and healing:


During meditation trekking and  hiking mountain retreat you rediscover the benefits of fasting, hiking and mere wondering and contemplation of the stream of awareness that flows once you stop holding, controling and doing and start to relax and contemplate.

This natural healing process is called thinking with the heart. Through rediscovering, feeling live energy and exploring this bodily process you become aware of how your body, spirit (= your basic attitude towards live) and what happens in your life are one.

You may discover and become more aware of how your thinking implements or disturbs your bodily felt experience of what you're doing, perceive or are involved in.

It's a meditation retreat. A natural cleansing or catharsis is set in motion.

This fasting (especially if you chose to retreat 4 weeks) allows processing of as yet unprocessed experiences and finding solutions to yet unsolved problems.

You use your own critical moral reflection on what comes up. Your conscience is the more profound part of your inner self. It longs for more integer and loving adjustment to the realities of your life.

Mountain retreat fasting is no zero calories fasting but a natural Ayurveda based fasting technique:

During meditation retreat and trekking days you eat a cup of muesli in the morning, eat rice, quinoa or soup at noon and night, drink herb tea.

You may prefer to ad 75% EPA-fishoil, vitamins and amino acids.

This fasting method restores optimal base/acid equilibrium in your body. This improves body strength, fitness and awareness as well as gliding into natural effortless mindfulness.

Calories intake is far below the calories you burn. Minimum 5kg of weight loss but with lean muscle building and more stamina are the results.

More important is increase in body awareness and mindfulness thanks to this combination of  health fasting and hiking.

Retreat in the Pyrenees mountains time for redescovering body awareness and contemplation and personal growth to spirituality.

Body centeredness and awareness are crucial to sane personal growth, meditation and spirituality :

they enable you to bodily feel the worth of what you're doing or thinking.

Meditation trekking improves your sensitivity and empathy.

Life is experience and experience is bodily felt. This bodily felt experience is awareness of the 'spirit' of what you're doing.

That's an important, though not sufficient,  aspect of interpersonal, social and moral awareness, a necessary condition for spiritual awareness.

During hiking mountain meditation retreat more spiritual awareness comes with dreaming. Dreams evaluate your life, show which of your behavior leads to more humanity and what to more conflict. Paying attention to your dreams, discerning the 'spirits' (=tendencies) at work is the royal path to spirituality.

It integrates your nights and days to one life.

You become more aware, aware of what your participating in.

Dreaming more consciously and integrating dreaming and reflection is healing.

Last but not least, during hiking mountain retreat meditation trekking minimal healthy food combined with a natural physical exercise restores and improves your physical condition in a lasting way. It's grounding for as well body as soul.

2 weeks or even more radical 4 weeks of mountain retreat are a natural way to more grounded spirituality and natural effortless mindfulness.

No particular psychological, religious or spiritual ideology is needed for a hiking mountain retreat fruitful to the personal spiritual growth and healing you really need.

Religions  or spiritual teachings may certainly be helpful.

But only as long as they don't submit you, cut you from natural bodily needs and healing processes or social reality, make yourself think that you "know", that you are on the "right" path. Or, keep you from accepting  that although live is eternal, yours once comes to an end.

Life is an invitation to participate actively - according to your own possibilities, character, talents and skills - in working towards a more humane world.

During hiking meditation retreat you rediscover the natural way to your  inborn spirituality. Fasting and hiking, the experience of silence and necessary practical autonomy deepen these experience of body awareness, natural contemplation, effortless awareness and mindfulness, meditation and spirituality.  It' deepens your spiritual growth into a socially usefull way.

Growing in body-awareness, commitment, justice and love is as well bodily, personal, relational as spiritual.

Hiking and meditation Mountain retreat a way to effortless mindfulness in the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains. 2 weeks live review meditation and spirituality
Pyrenees mountains mountain retreat fasting and walking


Mountain meditation trekking, personal growth, natural effortless mindfulness and transformation:


This meditation and hiking mountain retreat in the Spanish Pyrenees mountains is intended for those really able to stand on their own feet.

Hiking meditation retreats are meant for 'adults' in the sense of minimal experience of social competence and existential autonomy:

a career, lasting love relationship, family life, the education of good children and responsible adolescents and, last but not least, combining these.

That's why being at least 30 is  necessary.

 For deep personal growth a fruitful meditation retreat and healing acceptance of your own self-critical judgment, openness and the ability to follow through to the end in any circumstances suffice. 

Mountain retreat means the luxury of being alone in the wilderness without phone, unjoinable far from your social 'obligations'(sic).

Be aware that this is adventure, no play : you're on your own far from the other participants 3/4 of time.

Mountains can be hazardous, weather bad, nights cold, solitude difficult. That's real mountain wilderness meditation retreat: demanding autonomy.

Respect of the others retreat in meditation, silence and solitude is of course a must.

This kind of health mountain retreat, a natural integration of spirituality, personal growth, fasting and exercise is an exciting and uncommon experience of awareness : you allow your own conscience to call your own behavior into question. You also get a grasp of the "soul" of the mountains and why they help you to contact your deeper self. 


Free meditation trekking and healing process counseling

to deepen your experience of personal growth, mountain meditation retreat and natural spirituality:


Counseling (one session every retreat days period) may deepen your understanding of the ongoing moral and spiritual development process and awareness of life energy. 

If you're a novice in meditation, meditation trekking, spiritual and moral development, meditation process counseling may help you to accept your inner deeper self critique. Help you to let go with the flow of what's coming up, whatever it is.

 Our organism is a social organism. It valuates yourself according to your way of dealing with multiple responsibilities  : your different live goals, your reliability, uprightness, openness to others and other ways of living, how you deal with and how you succeed combining your bodily needs and pleasures, justice, friendship, love, career, family, education and social commitments ... .

Hiking mountain retreat affords to remember and rediscover your calling or live dream, remember or evaluate the way you live up yourself to your values while being tolerant to others.

That's real spiritual growth: it opens you to what you can do for a better world, this awakening heals from egocentrism.

Mountain meditation retreat in the wildernes live review

The only thing, indeed, we can decide, is what kind of a sense full live we are going to live. This is a very personal question and the very reason of our human existential solitude.

This counseling is no ersatz for psychotherapy. What Richard offers is moral and existential counseling towards more personal spirituality grounded in your body and its (=your) real social live. 

Meditation process counseling is not included in the program or in costs. It's no must at all and it is available for free.

This inner meditation retreat journey is expressly not for those who stand on their own feet only in their thoughts but become anxious as soon as they abandon there mobile phone and laptop, are left to themselves for whole days and nights  camping in the wilderness living as an hermit (in total for two-thirds to three-quarters of the time) . You commit yourself to be unjoinable (of course you can leave Richards phone number in case of an emergency), to respect the others silence and retreat and for security reasons not to leave your tents surroundings when in retreat. 


Richard van Egdom transpersonal psychotherapy.

Mountain meditation trekking leader :

Richard is a lecturer on phenomenology of moral and spiritual development and what is called 'Enlightment' at School for Continuing Studies of Lille II University (France), he's been trained in Gestalt by Laura PERLS, has been working with Karlfried Count Durkheim and Christian Zen masters (Wiliam Johnston) on the integration in western monachism of eastern approaches to meditation.

He has worked as a training analyst in existential analysis throughout Europe and as private spiritual counselor and phenomenology teacher.

Richard is also a qualified Mountain Leader. His hobbies are Aikido and hiking.

Conditions : This needs a good health and a better physical condition. You also need to be handsome without fear and respectful for each others retreat.

You need to be able to retreat from MP3, cell phone, note-book, Ipads and other reading, writing or other stuff that could interfere with the necessary retreat into solitude an doing nothing, just simply being. You need the necessary condition to carry your max. 15kg rucksack uphill at a pace of 300m of height difference an hour, 5 to 6 hours a day. Dizziness, fear of heights, overweight (over BMI 25) or any injury, knee, feet or back problem, that make walking or backpacking more difficult as normal are of course contra indications. Need of regular intake of any kind of medicine is a contra indication too, unless written approval of your MD.

Vaccination against Tetanus is a life saving must.

Be aware that hiking mountain retreat can be hazardous and that you're on your own 2/3 to 3/4 of the time: you need prudence and a travel insurance including mountain research and rescue.

Age: minimum age is 30. You commit yourself to respecting each others retreat on meditation retreat days (2/3 -3/4 of the hiking mountain retreats time).

Helpfulness, a sense of humor - even if bad weather lasts for several days - and team spirit are a must.

Itinerary: Starting and end point is Friends of the Pyrenees house (Le Castel, F-09400 Miglos, France).

Participants : 1 to maximum 12 (our non profit hikes and treks are never cancelled).

Cost: 450€. (= individual membership for a full year of our Friends of the Pyrenees non profit small is beautiful group.) + 300€ if you want to participate in the more radical and deep 4 weeks awakening experience).

Membership also includes free acces to the house for up to 10 weeks a year. Fees only serve to realize our goals.

Pratical information : How to get to the Pyrenees etc click here

You need a light weight 2 persons hiking tent (= 1 in comfort).

Some tents and coocking gear are available and can be rented (2€ per overnight per item).

Feel free to if you have more questions need more information or want to participate. contact hiking mountain retreat 2015


If you want Richard to organize a similar but private hiking mountain retreat for yourself, your couple or group in september. Cost: 125€ a day (1 participant) + 75€ a day (2 participants) + 50€ a day (3 participants) + 20€ a day per each participant more.

maximum 9 participants. contact Richard

Mountain meditation : mountain retreat in Europe

When very very bad weather makes staying in huts necessary, the guide's costs (board and lodging) are yours, this is usual.

For private meditation trekking make sure to contact Richard in time (now!) to hear if he's still free for trekking or hiking in the Pyrenees the period you want. 

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HIKING MOUNTAIN RETREAT in the PYRENEES : Down to earth spirituality and meditation, fasting and backpacking from lake to lake.
Retreat into solitude and stillness, rediscover and enjoy natural innate meditation and equilibration process.

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