Hiking The Pyrenees From Peak to Peak on the border ridge Between Mount Puigmal tHrough the Carança lakes and left Up To peak Canigou,


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Combining huts and camping  a cool Pyrenees hike trek with in your rucksack only what you really need hiking the French and Spanish Pyrenees, enjoying nature, landscape and just being there.

Ideal family hike for families with kids or as a cooler Pyrenees hike or trek, beautiful and interesting landscape.

A less wild part of the Pyrenees mountains best for cool hiking changing Spanish and French Pyrenees through botanic reserves. From village Eyne up to Puigmal and Nuria to most famous peak Canigou. An original hiking trail on the border ridge between French and Spanish Pyrenees mountains. Adventurous hiking down through the Caranca cleft and up again along an almost forgotten trail.

Nevertheless a cool hiking trip climbing peak Canigou and finally down to a masterpiece of roman architecture : Saint Martin du Canigou abbey.

Level of difficulty : **, panoramas : ***, wildlife and nature : **

Hiking the eastern Pyrenees mountains trekking

Hiking The Easter PYRenees

from the Eyne valley  ALONg ThE PUIGMAL Peaks,



Peak Canigou

trekking on the wild border between French and Spanish Catalonia

This is a very beautiful walk through the less high eastern part of the Pyrenees mountains. Hiking the Pyrenees from the Cerdanya through the botanic reserve of Eyne valley up to Col de Nuria the Catalan sanctuary a lot of Catalan girls owe their christian name "Nuria" to. From their on we will explore (= cool hiking) this secondary Pyrenean massif, look for forgotten paths and find out where the lead to just keeping in mind we want to reach peak Canigou and visit its abbey by the end of the hike.


  • 2 weeks Pyrenees hike, Level : for learners, hikers and mountaineers with no fear of heights.  Many of the paths are poorly marked  and you may have to scramble when we explore less known parts of the Mantet Natural Reserve in the midst of nature; average 500m of ascent and descent per day only first day ascent is though.

  • Rhythm : 4 to 5 hours walking per day, 1 rest day.  Ascent of Peak Canigou from a base camp (thus without a heavy rucksack).

Picture of Kai

Eastern Pyrenees Hike, Itinerary :

Meeting Point: Saillagouse (Pyrenees Orientales county, France) main station how to get there


Day 1 to 3, Hiking the Pyrenees Puigmal Massif :

hiking from Llo through the internationally known botanic reserve Eyne valley, along the Pyrenean High Level Route (HRP) up to Cirque de Pic d'Eyne. From here we walk on the frontier ridge with its most beautiful panoramas to Spanish Catalonia (S) in front and the French Cerdagna behind us (N).

Ascent of peak Pic d'Eyne ( 2786M), Peak de Nuria (2794M), Peak de Fenestrelles (2827M), Peak de Sègre (2843M) and Puigmal d'Err (2910M), Nuria (2000M), and the blue  Estanys Alt  ( = high lakes) of Carança (2500M), 

Days 4 to 6. Hiking Around Carança valley :

Lake Carança (2264M), Ras de la Carança, Carança cleft.  Walking here is special : several times we cross Carança river, small metallic bridges over the torrent and alongside the rock, back through Coma de Bassibès. Walking the frontier between France and Spain from peak to peak : Pic du Geant (2881M), Pic de Freser, Pic de l'Infern (2826), Pic de la Vaca (2826M), Estany d'alt de Carança (2500M).

Pic du geant viewd from peak Canigou

Easter Pyrenees hike Day 7 to 9, in the Mantet reserve 

(Chamois) : hiking along the frontier ridge to Porteille de Mantet pass (2412M), Baraque des Allemands (1980M),  One day off looking for chamois or downhill to visit Mantet village.  Cap de Clots, spring of river Mantet (2330M), Roc Colom, Pla Guilhem (2300M) plateau with ongoing panorama.


Day 10 to 12 or longer hiking Canigou Massif, hiking from peak to peak : Pic de Set Hommes (2661M), Puig des Tres Vents (2731M) Porteillia de Valmanya pass (2591M), camping beneath peak Canigou, ascent through the chimney (2784M), Jasse de Cady (2200M), Saint Martin du Canigou (1055M), 

This hike can be shortened to 1 or prolonged to 2 weeks

End point = Vernet les Bains walking from above to Villefranche de Conflent/ Vernet Les Bains Railway station (= in time for those a want to get back to London Stansted same day  (how?  click here)

Physical condition needed for this Pyrenees hike :

you need to be free of dizyness and fear of height a normally good fysical condition, vacinated against tetanus.

Of course helpfulness, a sens of humor even if bad weather lasts for some days (this can also happen in the soutern Europe)

and team spirit are a must.


Leader : Richard van Egdom. experienced and certified mountain leader, lives in the Pyrenees knows them as the back of his hand.  Contact him in time check available dates : Contact Richard Pyrenees Mountain leader guide service

Practical information : Tips for a lighter rucksack,  more about friends of the Pyrenees


Pyrenees Guide Service :

This hike / trek as a private tour made to measure for yourself or your group?

Saint Martin du Canigou pictures trekking in the  Pyrenees mountains.

Basic cost : 100€ a day (1 participant), + 50€ a day (2nd participant), + 25€ a day (3rd participant), + 10€ a day (4th participant) + 5€ a day per participant more.

For legal reasons you need to become a member (membership fee is included). Membership conditions

Included : guiding,  hiking tents.

Not included : other gear, food and travel costs.

When staying in huts the guide's costs (board and lodging) are yours, this is usual.

When needed : some gear can be hired (2€ per overnight each), ask

Leader : Richard van Egdom. experienced and certified mountain leader, lives in the Pyrenees knows them as the back of his hand.  Contact him in time check available dates now : Richard

Practical information : Tips for a lighter Rucksack, how to get to the Pyrenees, more about us, click here

Starting point for this Pyrenees trek is Saillagouse

NB Meeting Point for this Easter Pyrenees Hiking and how to get there: 

Saillagouse (Pyrenees Orientales county, France) main station. 


1. the night before at 5 p.m.

For those who prefer to organize for evening meal overnight and breakfast together (not included in the cost) can join Richard Sunday 5 p.m. at Saillagouse main station. A train coming from La Tour de Carol / Enveitg  at 3.40 p.m. arrives at Saillagouse at 4.26 p.m. This train waits in Enveitg for the train coming from Toulouse 12H40. Link : regional trains timetable 

2.for those flying in from London Stansted to Perpignan.

 At Perpignan Airport take the bus ( in French "car navette" ) or taxi to Perpignan City or main station. A train to Villefranche de Conflent / Vernet les bains leaves at Perpignan main station at 5.06 p.m. and arrives in Villefranche / Vernet les Bains at 6 p.m.. There will be a Petit train Jaune (yellow mountain railway) waiting to leave there at 6.38 p.m. for La Tour de Carol / Enveitg. This train arrives at Saillagouse at 8.24 p.m. Links : RyanAir French national SNCF timetablel 

3.For those coming by night train from Paris or coming from Toulouse.

The train leaving La Tour de Carol / Enveitg at 8.10 a.m. arrives at Saillagouse at 8.52 a.m. this train waits for the night train that left Paris Sunday, 10 at 9.56 p.m (eve)  over Toulouse (4.58 a.m.). This train normally arrives at Enveitg (= same station) at 7.55 a.m. Link : French national SNCF timetablel 

Please phone Richard to tell him when you will arrive : +33 626 99 33 11

If any problem : don't hesitate to call Richard  +33 626 99 33 11 (cell phone).

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