Private trekking through the Spanish Pyrenees Lerida county.

Adventurous private trekking Spanish Pyrenees from lake to lake in Alt Sobira (Lerida).

Private guided Pyrenees Mountains hike or trek, adaptable to all levels of difficulty (family hike to sportily).Trekking, hiking and walking the Spanish Pyrenees,through the Catalan Natural Park.


Best period for this Pyrenean hike is early July (photo) to half of August

2 weeks of cool or more adventurous hike and trek, possible as a guide service family trekking for families with kids (made to measure family hike). Hiking along almost forgotten and seldom walked high level route paths to Catalonia's most beautiful Pyrenees mountain lakes : the Romedo Lakes, Mont Roig and the Ventelao lakes.

Level of difficulty *** (adaptable), Landscape and photos ***, Wildlife **, Flowers *

Real Pyrenees trekking = hiking with rucksack and tent and only what one really needs up into the high mountains along high hidden and forgotten paths only know by those shepherds and mountaineers that know and find them because they live here.

This private trekking is organized and made to measure according to your hiking profile, experience and wishes.

Exciting but cool trekking, hiking with rucksack and tent from lake to lake. Crossing the Spanish border West to the Romedo Lakes in the Certascan massive, walking further West to Mont Roig and Ventelao lakes back to Miglos along other high level route trails to some more beautiful wild lakes. Climbing Peak Mont Roig. If we don't make to much noise we might see a lot of Chamois. We come back using different high level routes and even lesser known paths.

Level of difficulty :  Learners  and hikers. This is real trekking : There is some off the path hiking and along high sheep trails walking. Our guide service can adapt the level of difficulty choosing othe paths.

rhythm : around 4 to max. 5 hours walking per day, two base camps one at the Romedo Lakes and one underneath Mont Roig so we can walk and hike those days without a rucksack and explore in  depth the area,. One day relaxing half way the tour. Rhythm adapted for families with kids family hikes


Itinerary Pyrenees trekking in Alt Sobira.


Eve : If you wish come to our house in Miglos about 5-6 p.m. , meet and stay here overnight, we'll organize for our evening meal and breakfast together.


Spanish Pyrenees trekking: Day 1 : Hiking l'Artigue (1203M) up along in 3 stages the ancient mule path to Lladorre, Ruines of Orrhys de Mespelat ( 1780M) a  protohistoric village in (summer only) use up to some 40 years ago for cheese making the main orrhy (some kind of large stone iglo) was used by the shepherd until 10 years ago, Legunes d'Alt, Orrhys del Courtal, Lladorre Pass .

Pyrenees guide service: Hiking trekking backbacking walking from lake to lake in the Spanish Pyrenees mountains

Pyrenees guide service: made to measure meditation spirituality and hiking mountain retreat.

Spanish Pyrenees hike Day 2, 8 Lakes : Hiking along Estany del Cortal, still France looks like some Zen garden with its small waterfall and the now blooming red and yellow flowers. Crossing Lladorre Pass (2444M) used during WWII for escape to freedom, we are in Spain : Estany d'Aguillio d'Alt, down to Lake Aguilio de Baix, Up again from lake to lake around Serrat de Seno : Guilio de Baix, Gullio d'alt, Golatx, Seno, ... . Camping at Romedo d'Alt (2100M).


Spanish Pyrenees trek Day 3,  2 Lakes : we prefer walking the shortcuts only known to shepherds and mountaineers to reach Certascans hut and  the lake heading for Certascans pass (2640M) to Estany Blanc de Guerrosos (2620M).


Spanish Pyrenees hike Day 4, 5 Lakes : from Guerosso Blanc Lake walking down to the two blue Guerroso Lakes and Estany Blaus looking for the almost invisible path to lake Flamicella (2207M) quiet and romantic between meadows and pine-trees. Following some rare "cairns" - sometimes only one ! stone -  hiking to Estany del Port lake, crossing the landscape off the path to the well and the ruins of Orrhys de Fangasal (2000M). Camping  near lake Estany Ribera de Baix.

Walking Spanish Pyrenees, Day 5, 2 Lakes : Off the paths across high meadows and open pine-tree woods from Estany Ribera de Baix to the Refugi Mont Roig (2280M) a free unguarded hut above the lovely Llavera lake. We camp at the lake or stay overnight in the hut.

The wild peak d'Estats massive a 2 weeks made to measure family hike for families with kids

Day 6, 9 Lakes : Hiking up the Catalan Pyrenees to Estany de la Galina de Baix, Estanyet de Galina, Estany de la Galina, Estany Major de la Galina, the torrent falls from lake to lake in 4 stages up, The old path somewhat difficult to find searches  Verantepass (2640M) above lake Verante and Estany de la Gola (2300M) heading SW to the 3 Ventelau lakes (2460M).


Catalan Pyrenees trekking, Day 7 (or 6) : Pause and camping at Ventelau main lake or climbing Mount Roig (2847M) with just a light rucksack (panorama).


Day 8, 7 Lakes : Ventelau lake, Col del Forn Peak Ventelau (2849M) walking down passing Mont Roig refuge to the high valley (2050M) and hiking up again now heading to the 3 Estanys (lakes) Ribera d'Alt (2258M).


Day 9, 5 Lakes : Estanys Ribera d'Alt, walking along the goats trail just underneath the border to France to Estany de Mariola, Estany de Montarenyo, Estany del Port, Estany Flamicella d'Alt back to Estany de Flamicella (2207M) where we camp and observe chamois, they aren't very shy here.

Day 10, 4 Lakes taking another path to hike down from Flamicella to and old ruined hut and up again crossing Noarre Pass (2661M),  a wild and silent valley : Estany Gros and both Estaniosos de Serra Plana, another pass down and up to Certascans Pass (2640M)  and Certascans  (2240M) to  Estany Punturri here overnight camping.

Day 11 :5 Lakes  using the normal route to lake Romedo d'Alt down to lake  Romedo de Baix (2020M) up along the torrent to the 3 Aguillo Lakes and Lladore Pass to camp at silent Courtal lake (2280M).

Day 12 : End of this Spanish Pyrenees hike Trek : down to the l'Artigue  (1230M)

This hike can be prolonged to 14 days.

Pyrenees private hikes Guide Service Terms : 

Basic cost : 100€ a day (1 participant), + 50€ a day (2nd participant), + 25€ a day (3rd participant), + 10€ a day (4th participant) + 5€ a day per participant more.

For legal reasons you need to become a member (membership fee is included). Membership conditions

Included : guiding,  hiking tents.

Not included : other gear, food and travel costs.

When staying in huts the guide's costs (board and lodging) are yours, this is usual.

When needed : some gear can be hired (2€ per overnight each), ask

Leader : Richard van Egdom. experienced and certified mountain leader, lives in the Pyrenees knows them as the back of his hand.  Contact him in time check available dates now : Richard

Practical information : Tips for a lighter Rucksack, how to get to the Pyrenees, more about us, click here 

Booking :

  1. check with Richard click here if the period you prefer is still available, subscribe

  2. pack your rucksack (see checklist)

  3. be at house Le Castel, F-09400 Miglos, or any other meeting point you agreed on the night before. How do I get there? look here

  4. if any problem arises call Richard +33 626 99 33 11

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