Offers you a low cost non profit sustainable alternative to holiday renting and commercial trekking tours.  

Friends of the Pyrenees Mountains is part of Vriendenkring Amitié Européenne vzw a small members run non profit organization commited to help (heterosexual) parents to stay together and deepen their love.

Main projects are our group holiday home a shared and members run holiday house in Miglos and made to measure hikes, treks and mountain retreats high up in the Pyrenees mountains.                                                                NL      F      D

Who are those "Friends of the Pyrenees"?


We love walking, hiking, trekking and exploring the Pyrenees and the Midi-Pyrenees region South of France, Andorra and Catalonia. 

We are a rather sporty, fair play and intellectual (not to much) enjoy, for instance, hiking, rambling, climbing, potholing, angling, martial arts and mountain biking, ...) We want to meet similar families or groups from other E.U countries or abroad.                                                    

That's why we offer affordable self catering accommodation in the Pyrenees and trekking guide service as  a small-scale, simple, friendly and inexpensive meeting place for families and smaller groups who

  1. like walking, hiking or trekking the mountains, discovering, nature and history - you may also be concerned by sustainable mountain development issues

  2. enjoy encounter,

  3. want to discover the French, Spanish an Andorran Pyrenees Mountains in summer, autumn, winter or spring.

Friends of the Pyrenees mountains offer low cost self catering accommodation for families with kids and groups guesthouse and hiking guide service in the Pyrenees to families and mountain lovers

Walking, hiking and trekking in the Pyrenees mountains

family holidays in Europe in the Pyrenees mountains walking, hiking, trekking in the French and Spanish Pyrenees mountains

How do we manage?

  • our group is registered as a small non-profit association (VZW) in Belgium (founding members where Belgian former scout leaders and EU civil servants)

  • it's financed only from members' subscriptions, and Richards Dutch courses for executive managers,

  • every member can get his copy of the association's constitution and the annual financial results.  Voting rights are accrued after 3 years membership,

  • secretarial, accounting, maintenance and renovation work and help in the preparation of hiking tours is carried out (unremunerated) by members 

  • we value feeling at home in our house.  Everyone behaves as an elder in the house, with consideration for others.

What do we do with subscription fees ?

Our income is used primarily to cover the costs of the house : purchases for renovation and improvement, insurance etc.) and office costs (phone and post, stationery, computer, web site  etc.).  Any surplus is used for purchasing camping equipment

Conditions :

Full year Membership fees : 450€ for hikers, Groups : 1.600€.  (Full year : starting upon receipt)

Group Membership (Family or hikers groups) fee includes  a 2 weeks (July-August) or 3 weeks (low season) stay, or a 2 weeks hike. For extra stays your group pays 50€ per overnight.

Your groups members only pay 300€ if they want to join in our mountain retreat.

Hikers Membership fee includes participation in our no guru no mysticism mountain retreat,  + individual stays at the house at 20€ per overnight (except school holidays).


Other membership advantages :

Pyrenees guide service (private hikes)

Full immersion learn Dutch Lessons : Members enjoy a 30% discount learning Dutch, we are specialized in full immersion Dutch crascourses for the higher educated.

Extra costs are limited :

When staying at Friends of the Pyrenees house :water+electricity+gas+wood at 0,15€ per Kw, more wood at current price. +75€ for cleaning up.

A deposit of 100€ a week  is to be paid as a warrant at beginning of each stay. You get this deposit, costs deduced, back at end of stay.


Insurance: as you travel you really need an individual, family or group travel insurance, do check it includes mountain research and rescue. 

A civil responsibility insurance covering all family or group members is a membership condition.


How to get here ? the cheapest is probably by RyanAir and if you come for a stay car rental. You don't need a car when you're hiking. More on our checklist and practical info page.

Further information?

Contact Richard ou Pyrenees mountain leader,

or phone us at +33 5 81 49 93 65

or post to :

"The Friends of the Pyrenees",
Le Castel

F-09400 Miglos (France)


Cheap family holidays self catering accommodation in France Midi Pyrenees Ariege cheap group accommodation in France.

cheap family holidays and self catering group accommodation Ariege Pyrenees: house of Friends of the Pyrenees Mountains

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guide service for the french and spanish p^yrenees and Andorra : made to measure hikes and treks

friends of the Pyrenees a members run small is beautiful group of mountain lovers offer self catering and hiking in the Pyrenees

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Impressum / legal info / copyright

This website is the international Pyrenees mountains information website of Vriendenkring Amitié Européenne asbl a Belgian small is beatifull non profit association.

Our other websites are: for more information in French. This website also contains a 2 weeks trail description, an alternative high route through the French and Andorran Pyrenees.

Similar information in Dutch about our Pyrenees house, family holidays, guided treks and extended information on our mountain retreat is on

As you may guess we cannot earn the necessary money to run our organization, the house, our trekkings and hikes only through membership fees.

That's why since 2003 we joined in DialoguE, according to The Wall Street Journal one of the best European language schools, to provide high level crash courses Dutch for executive managers and the higher educated.

Richard has a background in Organizational Development, expertise in phenomenology of learning and personal development strategies (he teaches that topic at Continuing Studies of Lille II University).

He's fluent in English, German and French.

Richard loves teaching his mother tongue in an efficient one to one setting and is a real expert in client- and dialogue centered learning.

Richard commits himself fully learn Dutch fast in 1 week even starting from scratch in an amazing minimum time.

A special website in German dedicated to this Dutch courses for the higher educated is

Same information to our French full immersion private Dutch courses can be found on

responsible editor :

Richard van Egdom                                  

office & contact : Friends of the Pyrenees House : Le Castel, F-09400 Miglos

phone +33 5 81 49 93 65